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The Team


Pedro Miranda

Proprietário e Gerente

Eternal love for food and wine and electrotechnical engineer by profession.

The food has always been a great passion in your life, and well aware of his professional career as a liberal, wagered in the restaurant area.

Born and raised in the town of Sintra, nothing could be more exciting than the opportunity to develop a new gastronomic concept in the historical center of the village where he was born.

The bet was won ... and every day it will always revealing new challenges!!!

“Smells and flavors of Grandma's or mom's kitchen are timeless memories”

Margarida Graça

Public relations,pt

The taste for communication makes it translate in gentle and informal way with receiving restaurant guests,pt. Sejam portugueses ou estrangeiros são sempre benvindos. Sendo que fala várias línguas, a comunicação nunca fica comprometida. A vida deu algumas voltas e a jovem que sempre se movimentou no mundo da moda, apaixonou-se pela restauração.

Sejam benvindos ao Romaria de Baco!!!

Pedro Castro


pedro_castro"We can find the old tastes, recreate and update with modern techniques,
that convey the same gastronomic memories. "

Pedro Castro, soon realized his calling, and was the grandmother who started the first kitchen dining experiences: "My inspiration always and forever, in search of flavors, my beloved grandmother, and my Azorean rib ", as he likes to refer.

He graduated from the Pastry Kitchen ehtë and graduated in Food Production in Restoration, na ESTHE.

Assumes that eating is not your vocation, but rather "get their hands dirty" with innovation and creativity. Transform the raw material and shape invadora proporcinar customers combinations of flavors that convey their memorable experiences. Part of their curriculum several dining outlets having worked with some renowned Portuguese heads and a "broadening of horizons, working outside the country ", as regards own.

Responsible for the operational management of the restaurant since 2012, the young Chef Pedro Castro, in partnership with two peers, has already published a cookbook – "Original Sin",pt -, and think not stick around ...